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Quality Contracting at Competitive Rates

J L EARTHWORKS LIMITED is your one-stop-shop for all your earthwork needs. Whether you’re looking for help with something minor or need an experienced professional to take on a project. Browse through the list of some our services below but we offer a lot more, dont hesitate to ask, and get in touch for your free estimate.

Footings and Foundation Works

Looking for a reliable Excavating Contractor to dig straight and level footings ? . Get in touch so we can get started right away.


Site Preparation and Site Cuts

We can prepare your site from start to finish from removing rubbish and vegetation to cutting your site and leveling out also if required we can remove any excess soils before foundation work starts.

Site Cut

Driveway and Raceway Preparation

Good solid driveway makes all the difference and will save you in a long run. Whether you are choosing Concrete, Asphalt, Metal or other aggregate we can prepare the base for any driveway to a high standard.  Also we can prepare and fix up raceways for farms.

Driveway prep

Floor Preparation

We can prepare the base for your concrete floor.  We can also supply any aggregate and fill as needed. Every base prep is checked with laser level to ensure level base.

Floor Preparation

Swimming Pool and Pond Dig Out

Need someone to dig your swimming pool or a pond ? From small suburban pools to ponds we can dig and remove any excess material.

Swimming Pool

Topsoil and Lawn Preparation

New lawn or just topsoiling an area. we can bring in topsoil and level out your lawn also we can seed and fertilize with additional hay mulch for maximum growth

Lawn Preparation


We can drill holes for Retaining walls , House piles, Fence posts, soak holes and Offal holes. Down to 5.5 meters in depth and  up to 700mm in diameter. We can also supply well liners and Lids.


Light Demolition

Got an old shed or a garage that needs to go ? We can demolish and remove rubbish off site.


Tree Stump and Post Removal

Tree stumps and old posts can be an eye sore and a waste of space. We can rip out old stumps and remove old posts plus fill in any holes left behind.

Tree Stump Removal

Aggregate Cartage

We can supply a range of aggregates for your project from local quarry's or even hay bales or firewood if it fits on the truck we cart it !



We can dig Trenches for plumbing and drainage pipes. Also for power mains, fibre optic cables, Gas lines, Water mains or any other underground service.

Concrete Removal

Ripping up and removing old concrete or hard surface this includes old driveways or footpaths. Rock/Concrete breaker available on request.